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All info in this article was brought to light via Kym Kemp With Redheaded Blackbelt

Covelo, CA (3/20/24) In the early hours of this morning, at approximately 5:30 a.m., a harrowing event transpired in the kitchen of a residence situated on Logan Lane in Covelo. According to communications intercepted over the scanner between dispatch and Mendocino County Sheriff’s deputies, a man wielded a shotgun, firing at the mother of his child three times—inflicting wounds to her face, chest, and groin. Shockingly, he then proceeded to call 911 while clutching the child and standing in proximity to the victim’s lifeless body.

Initial reports indicate that the victim had an outstanding protective order against the assailant due to a history of prior conflicts.

Fearing potential intervention from the woman’s family members, the perpetrator retained possession of the firearm until law enforcement officers arrived at the scene.

Upon the arrival of officers, the man complied with their instructions, relinquishing the weapon and surrendering peacefully to authorities. Fortunately, the child, though undoubtedly traumatized, emerged physically unscathed from the ordeal and was promptly airlifted to a hospital located outside the immediate area for medical evaluation.

Efforts to ascertain comprehensive details surrounding the circumstances of this tragic incident are currently underway. As reported by Kym Kemp, Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office Captain Quincy Cromer has acknowledged that he and his team are actively engaged in gathering pertinent information and will issue a formal statement later today concerning the incident.

**As we continue to gather information, it’s important to acknowledge that details may be subject to change. Initial accounts, both from witnesses and official reports, may contain inaccuracies.**

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