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Kelseyville, Ca 3/15/24 (7:54 PM) A police pursuit that began on Southbound Highway 29 from Live Oak Drive in Kelseyville, California, came to a chaotic conclusion near Lower Lake, just south of Diener Drive. The pursuit resulted in a vehicle accident, prompting the dispatch of an air ambulance. However, in a surprising development, the air ambulance was later cancelled as it was confirmed that the patient sustained non-life threatening injuries.

The pursuit, which unfolded against the Kelseyville area of Lake County, saw law enforcement officers in hot pursuit of a suspect along the bustling highway. The pursuit took a dramatic turn when the Motorcycle crashed near Lower Lake, Emergency responders, including paramedics and fire personnel, rushed to the scene in response to the collision. 2 suspects in total. One rider has Injuries and is currently being transported to the hospital. Second rider is in custody.

In light of the collision and the potential for serious injuries, an air ambulance was dispatched to the scene, poised to provide critical medical assistance to those in need. However, as authorities assessed the situation, it was determined that the accident resulted in no injuries, prompting the cancellation of the air ambulance.

Map below of approx. crash area (IMPORTANT: Info is Scarce at this time; Check back for more Updates)

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