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“LIGHTNING FIRES” Stock photo/The Ukiah Post

Northern California – A series of lightning strikes has ignited multiple wildfires across Northern California, with one blaze named the “1-10 Fire” currently burning approximately 10 miles north of Covelo. The fire has consumed an estimated 20 acres of land so far, spreading at a slow rate. Firefighters and emergency crews are working diligently to contain the inferno, which has reached a ridge top and encountered a road. The fire’s heel and flanks are reportedly backing down the hill.

From Mendocino County to the Sierra Nevada foothills, these fires have started across various terrains, including forests, grasslands, and remote areas. More than 15 lightning-started fires continue to blaze across the region. The aftermath, and only the beginning of these lightning storms have ignited a series of infernos, overwhelming firefighting resources and burning in remote locations posing significant challenges to containment efforts.

Local, state, and federal firefighting agencies are working in a coordinated effort to battle the multiple blazes, but the scale of the crisis has strained available resources. Aircraft, ground crews, and firefighting equipment have been deployed from various regions to assist in containment and suppression efforts.

Photo of fires around Northern California (Screenshot from Watchduty)

Here is a list with info on some of the wildfires burning in North state

1. 1-10 Fire (Mendocino County) Approximately 10 miles north of Covelo, the 1-10 Fire has engulfed an estimated 20 acres of land. Firefighters are actively battling against terrain and weather conditions.

2. 1-12 Fire (Mendocino County) Near Bald Mountain, northeast of Covelo, the 1-12 Fire has scorched approximately 2 acres. Fire crews are on the ground, engaged in an intensive battle to prevent further spread.

3. Hull Fire (Mendocino County) Two smaller fires have merged into the Hull Fire, located off Hulls Valley Road, about 2 miles off Mina Road in Covelo. This spot fire measures approximately 20 feet by 20 feet and is contained.

4. 1-1 Fire (Mendocino County) Originating approximately 5 miles northeast of Covelo, the 1-1 Fire consists of two separate fires that have been contained at a combined size of 0.32 acres.

5. Pilot Fires (Humboldt County) The Pilot Fire, comprising six distinct fires designated as 3-1 through 3-6, has ignited near Little Pilot Rock in Bridgeville, Humboldt County. The largest among them, 3-1, spans 5 to 7 acres. Firefighters are contending with challenging terrain and variable conditions.

6. Lone Pine Fire (Humboldt County) North of Horse Linto Creek and Trinity River in Willow Creek, Humboldt County, the Lone Pine Fire is burning, its size yet to be determined. Firefighters are actively assessing the situation to determine the most effective strategy.

7. Deep Fire (Trinity County) Southwest of Siligo Peak in Trinity County, the Deep Fire has consumed approximately 15 acres and is classified as having a “High Growth” potential. Firefighters are working diligently to prevent further expansion in this critical area.

8. 4-4 Fire (Humboldt County) Approximately 8 miles west of Hoopa in Humboldt County, the 4-4 Fire’s size remains unknown. Aircraft have been deployed to assist in firefighting efforts, though limited information is available at this time.

9. Blue Creek Fire (Siskiyou County) North to northeast of Mosquito Lake, the Blue Creek Fire has spread across 15 acres. Firefighters are committed to suppressing the blaze to protect local communities and vital resources.

While these fires are receiving focused attention, numerous other unconfirmed blazes are scattered throughout the region, posing additional challenges to firefighting resources. The situation is fluid and requires continuous monitoring and assessment.


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