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Controlled Burn, Friday June 30 – Brooktrails Township Fire Department

Editors Note:

Due to the prevailing excessively high temperatures, the event has been postponed.

June 29th 5:39 PM – Residents of Brooktrails California, can expect to see smoke and aircraft as two controlled burns will be taking place tomorrow, Friday, June 30. The Brooktrails Township Fire Department has scheduled two prescribed burns at Lake Ada Rose Dam and Lake Emily, aimed at promoting ecosystem health and reducing the risk of uncontrolled wildfires in the area. The burns will commence at 09:30 in the morning and are expected to conclude by 12:00 pm.

The first prescribed burn will take place at Lake Ada Rose Dam, a beautiful area within Brooktrails Township. By conducting this burn, the fire department aims to stimulate new growth, eliminate invasive species, and maintain the overall health of the ecosystem. Removing accumulated leaf litter and dead vegetation through controlled burning reduces the risk of catastrophic wildfires, protecting both human settlements and the natural resources of the area.

Prescribed burns, also known as controlled burns or planned fires, are essential tools used by fire management professionals to minimize the impact of future wildfires. These carefully managed burns imitate the natural fire cycle, which many ecosystems depend on for their vitality. By strategically setting controlled fires, trained personnel can reduce hazardous fuel buildup, enhance ecosystem resilience, and restore biodiversity. 

As the prescribed burns occur tomorrow between 09:30 am and 12:00 pm, it is crucial for residents to remain aware and cooperate with any safety instructions provided by the fire department. Through a collective commitment to fire prevention, the residents of Brooktrails Township can contribute to a safer and more resilient future for their community.

Maps of the exact locations are provided below

Postoned Controlled Burn

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