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Nine Members, Eighteen Awards: A Testament to Mendocino’s Superior Cannabis Cultivation

In the recently announced results of the 2023 California State Fair Cannabis Awards, the Mendocino Cannabis Alliance (MCA) has much to celebrate. Nine of its members clinched a total of eighteen awards, showcasing the superior cannabis cultivation in Mendocino County.

The awards, announced on June 22nd, saw over 250 submissions representing some of the finest cannabis and cultivators throughout California. Michael Katz of MCA expressed pride in the nine farm members who took home awards, some even bagging multiple accolades.

The winning MCA members include Happy Day Farms, Esensia Gardens, Heartrock Mountain Farm, Martyjuana Farms, Emerald Spirit Botanicals, Greenshock Farms, Wood Wide Farms, Higher Heights, and Family First Farms.

Happy Day Farms (Outdoor) struck gold for THCa with their Strawberry Biscotti. Esensia Gardens won Gold for Myrcene with their Pixie Dust and Gold for Terpinolene with their Maracuya, along with two silver awards for Rose Petal for Terpinolene and total terpene content. Heartrock Mountain Farm (Outdoor) won Gold for CBDa with their Love Laughter, and Martyjuana Farms (Outdoor) took home Gold for Limonene with their Supreme Gelato.

Emerald Spirit Botanicals (Outdoor) won Gold and Most Unique with their Pink Boost Goddess for the second consecutive year. Greenshock Farms (Outdoor) won Gold for Ocimene with their Passion Orange Guava, and a Silver for Ocimene with Tropical Sleighride, a parent of Passion Orange Guava. Wood Wide Farms (Indoor) won Gold for Ocimene with their Dutch Treat.

Higher Heights (Mixed Light) won Gold for total terpene content, Silver for Myrcene, and Silver for Caryophyllene with their Mendo Crumble. Family First Farms (Mixed Light) took home Gold for Ocimene with their Black Apple Kush.

Each year, the CA State Fair awards Golden Bear Awards to the highest testing cultivars in each category from all light sources. This year, Heartrock Mountain Farm won the Golden Bear award for CBDa, Esensia won the Golden Bear award for Terpinolene, and Green Shock Farms won the Golden Bear award for Ocimene.

The Mendocino Cannabis Alliance (MCA) serves and promotes Mendocino County’s world-renowned cannabis cultivators and businesses through sustainable economic development, education, and public policy initiatives. For more information, please visit the MCA website.

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